What unique "gift" do I bring to The Village?
I can bring social connections...I have been a social worker for some time and I am proud to say my resource wallet is heavy....Try me? Just do not ask me to spell something for you because I am not good at that....lol
What do I want people to know about me?
Everyone knows I love to laugh and do tend to laugh a "little" loud. I do not pass judgement but I will express my view if you ask. I do have a bleeding heart and respect everyone's story. However failure is not where I dwell. Failure if I have to use that word, is an experince used as a tool to do better the next time. I feel there is no one way way to do things.

I love my family. My children are always my drive and come first. I try to create a perfect place for my children But I know I can not. I do feel I can prepare them for almost anything with conversations and role playing. You are never to old to role play just ask my husband.....lol?
What is my Big Dream?
I have many dreams. My Big/Long term dream is that my children are content and well prepared for life. I know some would love to have discussion about that one and I would love to...

my short term dreams are simple live evryday to the fullest with what I have in front of me. simple dreams is what I want have my simple life.
A story that Celebrates me:
My story is simple I am here for my children the children I chose to have. I chose to provide and contribute for them to prepare them for life they chose. My story is never ending. I love to say been there done that...My story is about being a honest person to my self and others...My story is giving back to the community to make it and the people in it stong/empowered...I love me. I have a lot to share and whole lot of room to but things in and take it with me to share...
Clubs, Organizations, Associations
I always have a special place for Scouts.....scouts for both boys and girls.
Movie I love to cry at a movie but my 1st choice is Science-Fantasy....LOVE IT!
Let just say there is always a password on my NOOK.
Soulful R&B..........real simple.
A bit about what I do:
I am starting on a new adventure of Social Work. I have done child and family development for my entire career. I now am moving on to a new challenge. This is the elderly. I will be working to assure elderly agencies are providing to their maxim potential for the persons they serve.

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