What unique "gift" do I bring to The Village?
I can bring social connections...I have been a social worker for some time and I am proud to say my resource wallet is heavy....Try me? Just do not ask me to spell something for you because I am not good at that....lol
What do I want people to know about me?
Everyone knows I love to laugh and do tend to laugh a "little" loud. I do not pass judgement but I will express my view if you ask. I do have a bleeding heart and respect everyone's story. However failure is not where I dwell. Failure if I have to use that word, is an experince used as a tool to do better the next time. I feel there is no one way way to do things.

I love my family. My children are always my drive and come first. I try to create a perfect place for my children But I know I can not. I do feel I can prepare them for almost anything with conversations and role playing. You are never to old to role play just ask my husband.....lol?
What is my Big Dream?
I have many dreams. My Big/Long term dream is that my children are content and well prepared for life. I know some would love to have discussion about that one and I would love to...

my short term dreams are simple live evryday to the fullest with what I have in front of me. simple dreams is what I want have my simple life.
A story that Celebrates me:
My story is simple I am here for my children the children I chose to have. I chose to provide and contribute for them to prepare them for life they chose. My story is never ending. I love to say been there done that...My story is about being a honest person to my self and others...My story is giving back to the community to make it and the people in it stong/empowered...I love me. I have a lot to share and whole lot of room to but things in and take it with me to share...
Clubs, Organizations, Associations
I always have a special place for Scouts.....scouts for both boys and girls.
Movie I love to cry at a movie but my 1st choice is Science-Fantasy....LOVE IT!
Let just say there is always a password on my NOOK.
Soulful R&B..........real simple.
A bit about what I do:
I am starting on a new adventure of Social Work. I have done child and family development for my entire career. I now am moving on to a new challenge. This is the elderly. I will be working to assure elderly agencies are providing to their maxim potential for the persons they serve.

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Welcome friends....Today is simple. Do not under estimate the power of your local Salvation Army. Salavtion Army will help community members greatly with emergencies and crisis. information, shelter, clothing, supplies for school like uniforms, backpacks and home goods. Look into it. They can in som... View More
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