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I created and used the Believe in a Ray of Hope Visioning Formula to adopt my three children and get special education services for my youngest son when things appeared hopeless. While on the quest for appropriate services, I felt like I was driving through a desert alone, forgotten and unheard. Full of anger, resentment, and near collapse, I found an Oasis. There, I shifted my focus from my children and their IEPs and developed an IEP (Individualized Empowerment Plan) for myself. As a result of this experience, my life and the life of my family has vastly improved. At the Oasis, I rested, regrouped and rejuiced while connecting with mentors and guides who joined me in forming a circle of support that not only nourished my heart and soul, but inspired me to approach my life, my children, their teachers and my challenges with renewed energy and focus. I am now committed to helping other Moms to find peace, joy, and appreciation. Please visit http://www.BelieveInARayOfHope.com to get my special report “5 Keys to the Garden of Hope, Happiness and Empowerment for the Mom who is Overworked, Overwhelmed and Underappreciated!”
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