Adam Dolgin
Happy to have found a community of like-mind people! :)
What do I want people to know about me?
Jack of all trades but master of none," Adam Dolgin is the voice of a new generation of first-time fathers. As the creative mind behind Fodder 4 Fathers, a blog for New Dads (and the women they answer to), he never shies away from an opportunity to use his unique sense of
humour, candor and research skills to both entertain and educate the
masses. A husband, a father, a teacher, a writer, an entrepreneur, and
a life long learner who never takes the title of "expert" too
seriously, you can call him a Professor of common sense parenting, but
he'll be the first to tell you, "Dad on a Mission" suits him just
fine. Adam resides in Toronto, Canada with his wife and daughter.

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