What unique "gift" do I bring to The Village?
A new and powerful approach to parent education.
What do I want people to know about me?
I have been working/playing with children and parents for many years. I have learned that parents are doing the best they know how for their children, and their children are doing the best they know how for their parents. I know it frequently doesn't look that way, but parents and children can make the best learning and living partners. All it takes is trying on a new lens through which to view human behavior, and some reflection on our own very rich experience through that new lens. That is what I do, and that is what I love.
What is my Big Dream?
My biggest dream is a whole world working together to end poverty and hunger. Interimly, my dream is all parents and children living as partners in adventurous, challenging, and successful community-building projects.
A bit about what I do:
I engage parents in examining parenting from what 'is being learned' rather than 'what should be being learned.' They find much more success and fulfillment from the former than the latter. This happens via a workshop and coaching.
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