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Tara Kennedy-Kline How could your relationship with your family change if you decided to just listen (without interruption, defense or judgement) to the person speaking to you?
Tara Kennedy-Kline You can't teach a child to clean things up without making a mess first...
Tara Kennedy-Kline added a new comment on Mayor Kline's poll.
Creating a vision board with my sons was the most eye opening, conversation starting, relationship building thing we have ever done together. No jugement, no critique, just dreams, goals and aspirations! Love it!
Tara Kennedy-Kline I wish people would understand that autism is not something our kids can "put aside" if it embarrasses you or makes you uncomfortable...and your advice to me about how to make it "stop" isn't helping.
Tara Kennedy-Kline Saying "I don't mind" is not the same thing as saying "I approve" ...just sayin...
Tara Kennedy-Kline Just realized that if you tell me YOU are going to do something and then don't follow through...you can't then get mad at ME for not doing it FOR you! For all I know, you may have changed your mind...
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Tara Kennedy-Kline wrote at September 29, 2011
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Brick 2 in place...
Tara Kennedy-Kline