Mayor Kline
When was the last time you posted a personal goal where your whole family could see it?
What unique "gift" do I bring to The Village?
Positive energy and feedback & support without judgment.
What do I want people to know about me?
I believe that everyone is born with a gift...a unique brilliance that they bring to the world. And my mission is to give everyone the permission to express that gift and be as bright and brilliant as they know they can be.
What is my Big Dream?
To Rebuild the Village.
Clubs, Organizations, Associations
Rebuild the Village, Physician's for Peace, Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, Autism Speaks, Dreams for Kids, Keystone Soldiers
The Wizard of Oz
Stop Raising Einstein
Bigger than my Body, Unwritten, Anything by Dagny
Home Based Business Owner
A bit about what I do:
I own TK's Toy Box as well as Rebuild The Village and Multilevel Mom, LLC

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Mayor Kline Soooo happy to be sooooo close to our 350th Resident! who will it be? And should there be a prize?...hmmmmm
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