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At the end of every academic year, most schools would be preparing for their final examinations. It happens to be the due responsibility of the parents and guardians to support the Child in every aspect of this preparation.

We parents should know that examinations are a time of great stress and especially the difficulty in preparation. One basic thing that a parent can do is to make themselves available to the child, particularly during these days. Sometimes it is true that although we do want to be with the child but due to practical reasons of work or personal commitment it becomes impossible. Taking some time off and being with child during these stressful time would surely help the child and might as well help the parents too. With some real help from the side of the parents greater things can be achieved.

The situation in which the child has to study is of a great concern. The parents should play an important role in providing quiet and clean ambience to study. In case this was not possible during the other part of the year, the parents should provide this ambience at least during the times of exam. It would be difficult for anyone for that matter to prepare in a disturbing environment. Students doing their higher studies prefer to study in a quiet environment.

Some parents may not be equipped to enough to guide their child; they can identify a reliable and good tutor who can assist the child. The best option is to find a close friend or relative who can be of assistance to the child. The underlying idea is to get the right kind of specific help with minimal payment. Some times the close friends or relatives are more sincere and reliable in tutoring your child to success than a stranger. This doesnt mean that professional tutors are not essential. They are, but a child may learn best with someone they know.

Even if the child fails to succeed in an examination, it should have the assurance of being accepted and loved. After all every thing is done to help the child to be success in life. In spite of all the facilities and efforts if the child has not come to your expectations yet, the parents and guardians need to honestly reassure the child that all is not lost and they can still succeed in life and are loved by family and friends. It is practical to get disappointment, especially after a lot of time, efforts and money are invested both by parents and kids.

Some children under exam pressure are prone to make mistakes that can result in failure and consequently disappointment. In such situations, parents should restrain themselves from aggressive anger and abuse (verbal or physical) of the child. Another chance is always possible for the child to correct his / her mistakes and succeeds. Hence, parents and guardians need to remember this and continue to show their love and acceptance in times of disappointments too. This can be crucial to a childs long-term productive development.

Hence parents and guardians should remember that final exams and can be a time of great stress in the lives of kids. Every form of assistance would be needed from all those who are associated with a child development especially at this juncture.

The above all we should never forget to show our children that they are still loved and appreciated, even if and when they do not succeed.
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