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Dear all, Whether we like it or not we need to study for better life to enjoy in the future and to sustain ourselves on our own in the latter days to come. Though we hate, we cannot run away from it, instead realize that it is good to study for having good future.

Some do not even know the basics of studying. Here are some tips and tricks to study better.

1.Study in a quiet and well-lit place. It is essential to alienate yourself from others, until you complete your task. Tell them politely that you are working and ask them to allow you to study for awhile. Meet them later and have fun to relax for a while.

2.It is very important not to lie down on a couch or bed to study. Study sitting erect at a desk or table. Take a break if you need it.

3.Find out the best part of the day to study. Some are alert in the early mornings; others are good late at night.

4.Just after the classes review the days notes. You will be able to sort out the problems when it is fresh in your mind. As a result, you can avoid cramming.

5.Plan few hours of a study for every day and stick on to it.

6.Gift yourself. If you happen to study successfully for certain period of time compliment yourself with an ice cream, movie or go out with friends.

7.Take short breaks if you require. Research shows people can concentrate only for about 30 minute, after which there is decline in the concentration. Take a short walk if you had hit that point of lapse in concentration. Within 5 minutes take a drink and again get back to work.

8.If you are capable to answer questions and explain concepts to others, you will become clearer. Otherwise you will start to realize what the need to study more is.

9.When you are working with others be a little more cautious. Some members are prone to distract others. You should be cautious in choosing with whom you work.

10.Work alone to master concepts and information. Work with others to test your true understanding.

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Mayor Kline wrote at February 20, 2012
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Thank you for these great tips! In our home, ice cream or going out with friends may not be an appropriate reward for my kids...but certainly for me as I study for college courses, that could work. Also, I noticed the comment you made about holding a person's attention for 30 minutes...I find it ironic that our children's classes are 45-55 minutes in length, yet they are expected to "study" the whole time. ODD! I think I may mention this research at my next teacher conference.

Thank you again for sharing!
Mayor Kline