Would you allow your daughter's boyfriend to spank her?
#1 November 4, 1:25 pm
Would you allow your daughter's boyfriend to spank her?
Recently, a youtube video of a 16 year old young woman being beaten with a belt for over 7 minutes by her father (who is a court justice) went viral. The beating has been played out as everything from "The model of what parenting should look like" to "Assault, abuse and battery."

My thoughts hang on the side of "just another example of how as parents, we lack the support and knowledge we need to make good choices."

I believe the father did lose his mind temporarily...I believe that the mother should have been a "teammate" for him and tagged him out rather than egg him on...and I believe that there is a better way to teach our children right from wrong.

I also believe that at 16 years old, that young woman was beyond any level of corporal punishment. She was at the age of learning about and building romantic relationships...she was learning how to allow men to treat her and what she is expected to bare as a woman...she wsa learning how to parent her own kids eventually and realistically, she was old enough to bare children herself.

Would anyone have tollerated the man's actions had that been her boyfriend or husband beating her like that? Heck no! The attacker would have been arrested and put in jail. So what is the excuse of these parents and society to "let it go" simply because the man beating her was her father?

I believe we need to create a space for parents to be able to support and help each other. To allow our resident parents to "tag out" when they get overwhelmed...so kids and relationships stop getting hurt.

Enough of my soapbox...I invite you to hop up and give your point of view.

Mayor Kline
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