The success of your personal and professional life comes as a result of more than just talent, commitment and hard work. With this book, you will quickly learn from other successful mom entrepreneurs who will assist you in juggling your responsibilities for both work and family. As top experts in each of our respective specialties, we've joined together to give you powerful tools to support your optimal success and capabilities, as both an entrepreneur and a mom.


Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
Tara Kennedy-Kline wrote at October 26, 2011
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I love that in one easy-to-read book there are the voices of 21 entrepreneurial moms who are ACTUALLY making a living at what they do! Pretty cool! Through their practical wisdom the other authors have inspired and given me cool tips that I can implement immediately! Moms these days need as much reliable information as they can get! I found it in this book!
Tara Kennedy-Kline