Until you make yourself really important, no one else will
What unique "gift" do I bring to The Village?
I bring persistant hope
What do I want people to know about me?
I am a wise woman mentor, a succulence seeker, a cooking enthusiast, an essence coach and inspired teacher. I help women break free from the myths of the Good Girl archetype. I am infinite love and so are you.
I am a mommy to Ethan, wife to Matt, and goddess sister to many. I think people don't laugh or jump on their beds enough.
I can rock the Michael jackson moves and am slightly pumpkin obsessed.
I believe we are doing the best we can. compassion rocks. so does yoga. Let's talk. I want to hear your story.
What is my Big Dream?
to travel the world in abundance empowering women to reclaim their essence!
Human Services Professional/Private Practice
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