About RebuildtheVillage.com

This network is about creating The Village of support where no guilt, blame, or judgment is allowed.

We give moms permission to change what isn’t working for them anymore and celebrate what does.

We inspire parents to reclaim their inner strength, unique brilliance and powerful voice to take accountability and parent courageously.

As a member of The Village, you are agreeing to take a stand to support, inspire, affirm & inform your fellow Villagers with the ultimate goal of creating a space where parents can feel free to express their imperfections, concerns, celebrations and confessions without guilt, judgment, harassment or argument.

We exist to create a better world for our children and ourselves...period.

Our Village stands firmly within our four pillars. When contributing in any way, your goal must always be to keep our 4 pillars in mind:
We are Respectful
We are Kind
We are Helpful
We are Honest

With those goals in mind, here are The Village Laws:

1. If you are not able to supply a solution, do not reiterate or point out a problem. (In other words; don’t make a problem where there isn't one.)

2. We do not complain about that which we permit. If you don't want to argue...don't.

3. There are no such things as silly, stupid, or bad questions...and there are no obvious answers.

4. Coaching, support, suggestions and resources are always welcomed, as long as they are appropriate, applicable to the subject at hand and shared from the heart. (Inappropriate posts will be deleted)

5. Criticism, Judging, Anger, Hatred, Racism and Belittling have no place or purpose here, or anywhere else for that matter, and will be deleted. (We do not honor entitlement here. If you break this law you will be removed.)

6. Feedback is welcomed and should be presented in the way you would want to receive it.

7. We want to celebrate the Unique Brilliance in others! If you have a business, a promotion, an announcement, a Birthday, a special sale or your first full night of uninterrupted sleep...WE WANT TO KNOW!

8. Our golden rule in The Village is: We all do the best we can with the information, resources, support and experience we have available to us. As a Village, we must all be accountable to offer those things with care, understanding and acceptance.

9. Speak your truth and Stand for what's right...but always remember that the things that most easily bend, rarely break.

10. We want your suggestions, questions, concerns, requests, ideas, tips and invitations...we want you to bring all of you! We want your true, authentic, flawed and beautiful Mom self to be celebrated! Be open, be honest and be part of what's happening here...because this Village needs your gifts!