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Tara Kennedy-Kline
Tara Kennedy-Kline Sooooo excited to be recording our very first Stop Raising Einstein radio show! Be sure to listen in at
Tara Kennedy-Kline
Tara Kennedy-Kline I wish we could just call it the "Human Spectrum" and let every one of us find our hue on it within our own degree of "special needs".
Regena Until you make yourself really important, no one else will
HA! I started on the path of making myself important with one simple phrase..."Do you KNOW how I am?!" every time!
April 23, 2012
Tara Kennedy-Kline
Tara Kennedy-Kline This morning, I chose to walk, instead of drive, my kids to school. It's amazing how much we can find to be thankful for when we step into nature and really SEE it.
Tara Kennedy-Kline
Tara Kennedy-Kline If there is one thing that annoys me about technology, it's the fact that young adults cannot make or calculate change without a cash register anymore. 3 quarters, 1 dime and 3 pennies IS .88 sweetheart! URGH!
Tara Kennedy-Kline
Tara Kennedy-Kline How interested would you be in a teleseminar that gave you 12 concrete skills to develop your own Individualized Empowerment Plan as a Mom, Advocate or Caregiver to a child with special needs?
Jackie VanCampen
You and Jackie VanCampen are now friends.
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