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Tara Kennedy-Kline
Today, I noticed that when someone comes to me with news of one of my children's errors, mistakes, missteps, failures or poor choices, I would defensively react AT the person delivering the message. I would externalize my embarrassment and vent out of guilt and shame...as if learning of their mistake made it about ME and failing as a parent, instead of leaving it what it is; a child's mistake and an opportunity to learn and grow.

My Mom Reality Bytes #2 is:
"When I learn of my children's accidents, mistakes, or poor choices, I must first focus on thanking the person who delivered the message. I must appreciate them for bringing it to my attention thereby giving me the opportunity to then focus on how I can help my children. I must look at this information not as an attack of my parenting, but a chance to help my children realize where they may have gone wrong and how we can all learn and grow from our mistakes.

Tara Kennedy-Kline
Mom Reality Bytes #1:
Today as I witnessed a dear friend discipline their child, I noticed that they reached a point where their very valid point was replaced by a passionate desire to merely elicit a desired reaction from the child.

At that moment, the child was no longer hearing or engaged with the parent and the opportunity for teaching/learning was lost.

My first realization of the new year is this:
"When I use discipline to get the reaction I want out of my child, I fail my child. When I am focused on seeking to understand my child and the lesson I can teach through discipline, both my child and I will grow and achieve success."