Until you make yourself really important, no one else will
What unique "gift" do I bring to The Village?
I bring persistant hope
What do I want people to know about me?
I am a wise woman mentor, a succulence seeker, a cooking enthusiast, an essence coach and inspired teacher. I help women break free from the myths of the Good Girl archetype. I am infinite love and so are you.
I am a mommy to Ethan, wife to Matt, and goddess sister to many. I think people don't laugh or jump on their beds enough.
I can rock the Michael jackson moves and am slightly pumpkin obsessed.
I believe we are doing the best we can. compassion rocks. so does yoga. Let's talk. I want to hear your story.
What is my Big Dream?
to travel the world in abundance empowering women to reclaim their essence!
Human Services Professional/Private Practice

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Regena Embrace the courage it takes to be authentic and in doing so, you will find that your vulnerability actually leads to greater self trust and more meaningful relationships with others.
I love this Regena! I am sure this will resonate with a whole lotta mommas in our Village!

Thanks for sharing!
January 6, 2012
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